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License Advice

Through changes in an IT environment, lack of attention or obscure policies and terminology, it is possible that your Oracle environment is not or no longer correctly licensed. Research has shown that more than 85% of customers are not completely compliant at the time they receive an official audit from the IT vendor. Oracle, like other vendors, has its own auditing department and regularly performs official checks with sometimes surprising and unpleasant results.

We can proactively help you to take a close look at your environment and evaluate what your current license need is and whether or not this corresponds to the license pool you currently own. If needed, we can then advise you and guide you towards compliancy.

These services are strictly confidential, and a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) can be signed upon simple request.

A license advice assignment results in a report that includes:

  • Summary of the findings.
  • Overview of the licenses needed, per environment.
  • Overview of the licenses owned (if provided by the customer).
  • Detailed compliancy statement per product.
  • Official license definitions and links to relevant Oracle documentation.

We can, if so desired, also guide you towards a state of compliancy with the following additional services:

  • Advice on:
    • Contractual optimization of the licenses.
    • Software usage.
    • Hardware impact.
  • Further Steps:
    • Projects following from the technical advice.
    • Purchasing advice.
    • Purchasing fulfillment.
    • Implementing regular license checks.

You want to be / know you’re compliant?

Our licensing experts are ready to help you out.