Cloud, the hype is here to stay. While not all problems have been solved yet, cloud computing has matured over the last few years and is a force to reckon with, also in production environments. Worldwide, billions of euro are invested in the further research and development of the cloud and its commercial and technical opportunities.

A good set-up can increase flexibility and speed of deployment, decrease overhead costs and capex expenditure and reduce planned and unplanned downtime. However, there are a lot of aspects to this type of computing that require close examination before there is a clear view on the benefits and disadvantages of a set-up for your business.

We have a dedicated task force to help you make that decision. Whether you decide to bring some flexibility into your own datacenter with private tools, choose the half-way option of having your environment hosted in a local cloud environment in our datacenter or whether you are ready for the leap into a fully public cloud.

Move to the cloud.

We’d be happy to assist.