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The latest Oracle Database Appliance, or as we like to call them: ODA, comes in 4 types.

One for every company size! That way you can now benefit from the latest engineered system whether you are a small or a big sized company.


Prices start at €15 000


Dessigned to run database-centric application for a range of deployments.


Comes in 4 different types, suited for your needs!

SE or EE?

Choose your edition!

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    “The ODA X9 delivers tangible cost and performance benefits – and boosts your productivity too!

    Cost-efficient flexibility = ODA

    The latest version also makes it possible to choose between Standard Edition 2 or Enterprise Edition.
    It contains everything you need in one single package thats easy to install AND manage.
    But it’s very affordable too! Starting at prices from €15 000 it’s one of the cheapest all-in-one solutions available.

    It comes with database licenses, systems software, server, high-end storage, and networking. All the components are thoroughly tested and engineered by Oracle to work together.
    One single DBA can install, deploy AND manage the complete box. An ODA helps you minimize downtime risks and losses while boosting overall performance.

    Simple, Optimized and Affordable

    How can you benefit from our experience?

    Exitas was one of the first companies in Belgium to sell and install an Oracle Database Appliance and continues to support more than half of all the ODAs currently being run in Belgium. Under a managed services contract we support and manage the entire stack for you – we will even take care of faulty hardware!
    Discover more about the Oracle Database Appliance and how to get specialized services.

    Oracle Database Appliance

    Discover how your environment can get boosted.