EDB Postgres Key Features

Postgres is the leading Open Source Software Database Management System (DBMS) and a very active, strong community supports its development.

Therefore it is:

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with a big ROI
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at a low cost.

“EDB currently has over 3,700 total customers including 85 of the Fortune 500 and 169 of the Forbes Global 2000.”


EnterpriseDB or EDB Postgres is the best part of Postgres because it has been tested, validated and secured for enterprise environments. Another great feature is that EDB has added and improved invaluable commercial modules, backup modules, monitoring modules and many more to Postgres. As a result it delivers a reliable platform, ready for implementation into your architecture.

Why EDB Postgres?

Choose for EDB Postgres:

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  • a high speed deployment across multiple environments
  • a graphical user interface
  • multi-model data management
  • a connection to your existing systems
  • an efficient use of resources.
[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”secondly to replace your existing DBMS” list_icon=”Defaults-check” animation=”slideInLeft”]with a data platform which is scalable, affordable and with a proven track record.

  • Replicate your Oracle database and migrate existing Oracle applications to EDB Postgres so you can manage them at a fraction of the cost of Oracle.
[/info_list_item][info_list_item list_title=”and finally for new types of services and processes ” list_icon=”Defaults-check” animation=”slideInLeft”]instead of just enhancing your existing system.[/info_list_item][/info_list]

Most of all EDB Postgres is at the very heart of your organisation focused on creating value instead of merely managing systems. Your organisation will also benefit from the data which you can share effortlessly across your business applications. Moreover, you will gain access to a private cloud with public cloud capabilities.

Looking for the EDB Postgres elephant in the room?

Exitas, your local EDB Postgres DBA

The traditional model of Database Management used to be: buy the software and then implement it manually per department. With an EDB Postgres DBA (database administrator) however, you will have less to worry about. Exitas will implement, monitor, update, support and advise you locally. We will go that extra mile so you have more time to focus on your new digital business initiatives. As a result, relying on Exitas as your EDB Postgres DBA means ensuring that your data and data management is:

  • safe
  • secure
  • highly performant
  • tailored to your needs
  • readily accessible
  • more cost efficient.
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We are available, approachable and will act as your local EDB Postgres DBA in Belgium to integrate your data seamlessly into your entire organisation. Choosing for Exitas and EDB Postgres means saving on time and costs, and choosing for a more competitive, reliable and modern approach.

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