22nd of June 2017

On Thursday, June 22, Exitas organized a free informational event specially for Oracle DBAs. In an informal, interactive way, you became familiar with another solution for relational database management: PostgreSQL / EDB Postgres.
The program was technical of nature and it has more the level of a course. This way you got to know EDB Postgres in a swift and quick way!

This event was hosted in collaboration with EnterpriseDB.

If you couldn’t make it or you just want to learn more about EDB Postgres you can


Have a closer look at what was presented during this event:

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Ossi Karjalainen

PostgreSQL architecture
for Oracle DBA’s

Why PostgreSQL/EDB Postgres

Ossi Karjalainen

Ossi Karjalainen

PostgreSQL in practice
with a migration demo

EDB Postgres in practice
(reference case Isabel)

Benny Rutten



Registration & lunch


Why PostgreSQL / EDB Postgres


PostgreSQL architecture for Oracle DBA’s


PostgreSQL in practice with a migration demo


EDB Postgres in practice (reference case Isabel)


Wrap-up with open discussion


Drinks & networking


Date: 22nd of June 2017

Location: De Abdijmolen, Heverlee

Price: Free of charge

For whom?

  • Oracle DBAs.
  • People who are exploring relational database systems.
  • People who are interested in having a chat with us.

Download Presentations

Keep a close eye on our newsroom to make sure you are there next time!

The presentations will be posted after the event.

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