We played paintball…

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Paintball for beginners

It’s a day some of us will remember as their downfall…

On the 7th of June 2017 we went to Kattenbroek (in Edegem) for a game of paintball. While some hadn’t played paintball before (let’s call them the ‘unexperienced’), a few did. This led to some interesting conversations in the morning. After hearing several stories, the unexperienced started feeling weak on their knees.

Most people wore long, thick pants. Perfect for getting hurt less, but not so wise in the tropical climate Belgium faces these days. However, what they did forget were gloves. Nothing hurts more than being shot on the hands. Trust me, I know… or on the head, that hurts even more.

Exitas group before paintball

Counting casualties

Before the game everyone looked quite happy but stressed.

We played 2 rounds of team-deathmatch, 2 rounds of capture-the-flag, 1 round with zombies and finally 1 round of team-deathmatch which ended up turning into free-for-all. The ‘zombie’ round was new to me. These 3 people wore an orange reflective vest and could only be killed with a headshot. Our zombies were Peter, Geert and Tom K. Peter for being our managing partner, Geert for being our coordinator and Tom for… well… being Tom.

The results are hilarious.

Exitas group after paintball


The one with the yellow face is Geert De Paep.


He is my boss.


We hit him hard!


Checkout all the pictures:

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