Oracle Cloud, going down the rabbit hole – Part 1

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
In our cloud journey, it begins with creating our Oracle Cloud “Account”.

Luckily Oracle has a free trial option, which consists out of € 250 worth of cloud credits during a 1 month period.
So browse to and click on the “Try for Free” option. oracle cloud account

This will take you to a “getting started” page. Click on “Create a Free Account” to start the registration process.

Free oracle cloud account

Choose a cloud account name.
Now, don’t be confused. This is not your login account name, but the name of your cloud subscription.
In this subscription page the meaning is pretty clear, but when we ordered our universal cloud credits is was very confusing. Which is why our Exitas cloud is named petervanspaandonk… . 😉

Fill in the rest of the details and choose a default data region.
Please note that not all regions are created equally. Certain offerings or possibilities are not available in all regions.
For our POC, I choose for the EMEA region.

Free oracle cloud account trial signup part 1

Enter your mobile number and request a verification code to be sent.
When received, enter it and click on “Verify”.

Oracle cloud account signup part 2

Once the verification code has been verified you can continue with adding credit card details.
These will not be charged and you will need to change your account type from free to paying before charges will be made.

Oracle cloud account signup part 3

Finish the registration by confirming the “Terms & Conditions” and click on “complete”.

Oracle cloud account signup succeeded

With the signup is completed, you will receive an email once your account has been setup.
This email contains your username (email address) and a temporary password.
Click on the url in the mail to open the login page and fill in the credentials from the email.
Take note of the first part of the url. This is your identity ID, which will also be used within the rest api.

Oracle cloud account login page

Provide a new password (conforming to the list of password rules…).

Oracle cloud account new password

Submit the registration.

Oracle cloud account guided journey

Congrats, you have now created your very own Oracle Cloud Account.
And this concludes the first part of this blog series.

Next time, we will start with creating our first database guest in DBaaS.
Oracle Cloud, going down the rabbit hole – Part 2

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Oracle Cloud, going down the rabbit hole – Part 2
Oracle Cloud, going down the rabbit hole

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