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OEDA issues

One of my customers has bought a new X5-2 Exadata and  they asked me to help them with the pre-configuration tasks. Part of this is to run the OEDA configuration tool (clearly no Dutch speaker was involved in picking that name). Unfortunately I soon hit a first road block.


Now, I’m pretty sure that posix does support underscores in the names of OS users and groups and  a quick test did confirmed this. OEDA complains about underscores in the groups as well, but eventually accepts it when continuing. As I’m suspecting that this behaviour is a bug, I logged an SR, which resulted in Bug 21160764. The workaround currently is to specify the correct group numbers and entering the username without underscore and adapt it afterwards in the generated XML file. I was using the OEDA release of May 2015 v15.141 – Patch 20974448 which was the latest available on mos note 888828.1 at this time.

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