ODA X9-2 new release

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Some context to begin with:

What is an Oracle Database Appliance?

An ODA is an engineered system optimized to run Oracle databases. It integrates software, compute, storage and network resources to simplify deployment, management and support.

Customers can run both Database Standard Edition 2 and Enterprise Edition databases on it. The appliance comes in three different sizes: S, L, and HA which suits the majority of Belgian companies’ environments.

Exitas can help you buy, deploy, and manage these systems to guarantee a performant, stable, dedicated Oracle DB environment.

Usually, Oracle makes sure that there is enough buzz around their new products, but for the new ODA X9-2 they opted for a stealth release.

Yes, you heard that correctly: the long-awaited replacement for the ODA X8 was quietly released earlier this month!

For some reason, I am no longer allowed to use the company visa card, so I don’t have an ODA X9-2 to play with and have to be content with comparing data sheets.

The first thing that strikes me is that the “medium” has changed its name to “large” (on the price list it still says medium, so someone must have had a last minute idea ;-)) ).

Considering the maximum capacity of 1 TB of memory and 31 TB (in double mirroring) of NVMe disk space, this name indeed seems to cover the load better.

A second thing that stands out is that you can now optionally add Persistent Memory (PMem) to the X9-2L. To what extent this is an added value in practice, will depend on your database size and your workload type.

A third thing that stands out is that not much else has changed…

Yes, for the Small, the larger memory, standard 256 GB and max 512 GB, is a welcome change (the X8-2S had 192 GB standard and 384 GB max). And with the HA, the disk capacity of the high capacity option has also risen nicely. But apart from that, it is all a bit more, a bit faster, a bit better… but nothing earth-shattering.

The X9-2 is a normal hardware refresh. Which, mainly due to the higher maximum memory, will please some people.

Keep in mind that the minimum ODA software release for this hardware model is 19.14. This means no support for 18c databases (last software release for that was 19.11) or for 11g (19.10, and seriously, what are you still doing on that release!?).


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