Real-Time Enterprise Data replication Software


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Wide range of use cases

Database Replication

Independent real-time data replication solution that offers efficient data integration for cloud and more.

Real-Time Analytics

Enabling real-time reporting for your business means having the ability to move large volumes of data quickly and securely.

Database migration

Gain a flexible and easy-to-use solution that simplifies setup and management of your database migrations. Organizations use our solution for various migrations scenarios and to eliminate downtime.

High Availability

In our data-first, real-time data world, you and your team are on the hook to make sure data is never lost.

HVR Sources & Targets

Platform Independent

10 sources
and 30+ targets


Heterogenous replication

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Low-impact data movement even
with high data volumes. 

• Log-based Change Data Capture (CDC) —
Captures changes and moves only the changed data, with minimal impact on the
source system.

• Compression—
HVR can further ensure speed with its proprietary compression function as
data moves to its target.


The most efficient way to replicate and integrate data in hybrid and complex environments is with HVR’s distributed, flexible and modular architecture:

You are not limited by a point to point architecture. You can design your integration flow the way you need it.

You can stream data from one source to many, all at once, without needing to define your setup multiple times.


HVR understands the importance of data security. HVR is the only real-time data replication solution that enables routing through a firewall proxy in hybrid environments. Data is also encrypted for an added layer of protection

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