Exitas Technical Lunch: High Availability in the LAMP stack

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LAMP = Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP

Last week we hosted another one of our technical lunches. This time it was about High Availability in the LAMP stack. To get more info about LAMP we suggest you visit the wikipedia page first.
As it was such beautiful weather, we quickly moved the lunch outside.

Technical Lunch LAMP

Unfortunately we could not find a beamer capable to display the presentations in bright sunlight. So we were forced inside for the presentation part.

First up was Lucian Preoteasa from Oracle. He talked about OCFS2, clusterware and Ksplice. And gave a demonstration of Ksplice Uptrack.
Given the recent events with the glibc security issues, it was good to hear that Oracle is also working on extending Ksplice to allow online patching of such libraries.

Technical Lunch LAMP

Next up was our own Bjorn Naessens. He gave a presentation on HA solutions for MySQL, explaining the different replication methods, MySQL cluster, DRBD.
We also got a live demonstration about failover with MySQL semi sync replication.

Technical Lunch LAMP

Both presentations are available for download:
High Availability with Oracle Linux
MySQL HA Solutions

If you want to get notified about future technical lunches:

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