Exitas Technical Lunch: BI on Big Data

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20th of December 2016

We have a passion for technology and like sharing new insights with you.
We were pleased to join forces with likeminded companies like I4BI.
In this short seminar we have served some real-life use cases on how our mutual customers implement Big Data for their Business Intelligence needs.

The following sessions were given:

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Glenn Janssens


We present the case of our customer VDAB who is using Big Data technologies to enhance their Business Intelligence capabilities, with an emphasis on the use of the data discovery tool for specific users. The successful approach is based on some simple principles and a good communication on the roles and responsibilities of the different actors in this team.

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Big Data for BI

Big Data brings a wagon load of new technologies to enable developers and users to explore datasources in innovative ways. In these abundant possibilities choices have to be made. Some of the most successful tools (like spark) are evaluated and explained in this session.

Dries Verhanneman

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Wouter Jagers

Big Data infrastructure from development to operations

Big Data technologies are rapidly evolving and require increasing amounts of resources. When going in production the requirements on the environment are more stringent than on development systems. Traditional IT operations management is struggling to keep up with the pace of these changes. In this session we look back over the past two years on our experience on keeping Big Data environments in the air.

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