DBA weekend 2017

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One of the traditions we have at Exitas is our annual DBA weekend.
During this weekend we, together with our families, retreat to the Ardennes to catch up with colleagues and have a good time with some drinks.

Destination this year was Le Manoir du Sartay, a lodge near Saint-Hubert.

When we arrived on Friday we were welcomed by beers and a cheese buffet (two things Belgium is well known for). Afterwards it was time for the Exitas Awards, with various categories like “Quote of the year” (Goedele is going for a hattrick), “Timesheet loser of the year” (rewarded with an empty beer bottle), “Fashionista of the year”, …
Fun guaranteed and great for having a laugh at your colleagues.

dba weekend 2017 selfie

The next day we first split into several teams to explore the area through a geocaching game, which resulted in a butcher wondering why all these people were taking selfies in front of his shop and an annoyed desk assistant, who was asked once too many how many pipes the organ had.

In the afternoon some of us went for a speology at the “grotten van Han”. The others stayed at the lodge and played various games like laser-shooting.

speleo dba weekend 2017

Then it was time for the BBQ.
Pro-tip: the best place to enjoy a BBQ is near the BBQ itself. Let’s be fair, you get first pick AND people will bring you drinks with a big smile. Because, after all, you are their hero for providing the meat.

dba weekend 2017
pieter slaapt dba weekend 2017

In the evening we had our annual quiz, this time focused on geography.
Some of us had some difficulty to stay focused.

On Sunday we went hiking. Of course with a small intermezzo to taste some of the local beers and cold cuts. Once returned, everyone wanted a spot at the fireplace. It was 7 degrees outside with lots of wind and rain so you can imagine why.

And with some spaghetti we closed off the DBA Weekend for 2017.

If you want to join us next year, you can always apply for a job 🙂

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