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A new generation of the Oracle Database Appliance, based on the latest servers, will be available in various configurations. Moreover, for the first time it will be possible to run DB Standard Edition 2 on the appliance, resulting in lower license cost.

database appliance server X6-2 This integrated server and storage solution now becomes a great product for both larger scale organizations, who need high performance and availability, as well as for smaller companies who prefer a simple and cost-efficient solutions for their Oracle environment.

Oracle will release 3 different types of appliances. The high-availability model will be identical to the existing system X5-2, but based on the new and faster X6-2 servers. The 2 other types will consist of a single database node with integrated storage fully based on flash disks and with the option to run either Oracle Standard Edition 2 or Enterprise Edition. With up to 12 Tb flash storage (non-mirrored), 20 cores (on-demand enabled to reduce license cost) and 768GB memory, these new appliances are an excellent low cost solution for your database environment.

database appliance x6-2

Exitas has a very broad and deep experience in Oracle Database Appliance, from the very first model in 2011 up to the current X5-2, and with many installations and deployments in Belgium. Exitas can support your Oracle environment on ODA, apply best practices, and organize coaching. Also guarding and optimizing your database performance is a key strength of Exitas.

Contact us now! We provide you with more information about the new Oracle Database Appliance and the services we can deliver.

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