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Hospital East-Limburg (ZOL) is the biggest hospital in the Belgian province of Limburg. It was established in 1995, after the merger of three regional hospitals. In 2021  ZOL  also merged with the Hospital Maas and Kempen. 

In addition to regional, general health services, ZOL also offers important medical expertise within EU-regional context (Maternal Intensive Care, Neonative Intensive Care, heart surgery, neurosurgery, centre of fertility, robotic surgery…).

A team of 400 doctors and 4.000 professionals work each day to achieve the mission of the hospital: offering patient-friendly, high quality healthcare. 


After the merger between the different hospitals, the different databases were still scattered over the different locations and were monitored by the supplier of the applications running on the databases. 

All these environments had to be migrated to one new and consolidated IT landscape. There was also very limited support on the Oracle databasesdue to the fact that the ICT team of ZOL were specialized in MS SQL and only had basic knowledge of Oracle.  


Together with Exitas, ZOL consolidated all their Oracle databases into one Oracle cluster. With recurrent health checks, a report is created to list the tasks that have been performed. Action points are identified proactively so ZOL can continue working smoothly in the future. 

During the second phase, a new platform was created using Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM). The existing Oracle cluster migrated to new hardware and a high-performance virtualized Oracle Linux environmentExitas assisted with the set-up of this new environment and the migration of all databases.  

In a hospital, work is done day and night and failure of a critical database can literally endanger livesThis is why Exitas delivers a 24/7 managed service with active monitoring on one of ZOLs most important databases: RIS, the Radiology Information System, containing the radiology requests and reports of over one million patients.  

ZOL assured a proactive follow-up and a limitation of the downtime of the system to an absolute minimum. In addition, it gives the on-call duty team, the necessary “peace of mind” that when problems arise, they can quickly be solved. 


Exitas is actively looking for solutions to keep the systems up-to-date. They think along with the customer and create a partnership that is flexible, fast and reliable.

Joeri Klingeleers – ICT

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Oracle Linux VM platform (OLVM) to consolidate the Oracle database environment, ensuring an optimal Oracle licensing combined with the advantages of virtualization.  

Databases are single instance databases and a combination of legacy and critical company systems. 

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