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Samsonite International is the world’s largest manufacturer of travel luggage and accessories. Samsonite sells its products in more than 100 countries worldwide.  

Samsonite Europe, based in Belgium, introduced a new service called Bagsupport in Europe. The objective for Bagsupport is to save airlines time and money by handling passenger claims and repairs for damaged luggage. 


Airlines have relied on thousands of local baggage-repair partners to resolve customer claims. This resulted in complex invoice handling. Bagsupport relieves airlines of that responsibility, providing a one-stop-shop operated by Samsonite. Bagsupport allows passengers to register damaged luggage. They receive a voucher via the app to exchange or fix luggage at Samsonite airport stores.  

 The app’s front end was originally developed as an on-premises application. As more airlines saw the benefits of Bagsupport, Samsonite wanted to introduce the service globally. But Samsonite soon realized that it would need to shift the app out of its data center and onto a cloud-based platform.  

Additionally, Samsonite often experienced downtime when managing the app in their own data center. It was crucial that the uptime would be optimized. 


Exitas worked together with iAdvise to build the Bagsupport app with Oracle APEX. iAdvise built the application itself, while Exitas provided the cloud migration and management.

The app is now maintained on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. To guarantee an optimal process, Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service and Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Service were implemented with 24/7 support from Exitas support engineers. On top of that, Exitas provided a web application firewall to guarantee safety against cyberattacks. 

Moving the app to OCI eliminated the downtime Samsonite used to experience and brought the scalability that was necessary to expand the service worldwide. Moreover, the software and hardware costs were reduced. 

Airline passengers can now count on a high-quality service when registering claims, selecting replacement luggage, scheduling repairs and identifying pick-up points. Thanks to the application being deployed on the Cloud, passengers can access the application from any place and at any time. 

“Although the lower cost of the cloud drove us forward, uptime was the crucial factor,” says Guy Dedeurwaerder, infrastructure manager for Samsonite Europe. “In Oracle Cloud, you’re always up.”

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The Bagsupport app can run optimally on Oracle Cloud infrastructure. Downtime is eliminated and web application firewalls have been provided.  

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