10 Infra Resolutions for 2022 You Could Be Making Now.

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1. Plan your disaster

Life happens. Just be prepared when it does! With floods, fires and hurricanes we have seen a lot of natural disasters this past year but it doesn’t have to be so big: your airconditioning leaking can be enough. When it all goes south, are you sure your back-up and recovery plan will work? Not just for HW or database, but for the full stack? Start planning your personal disaster today!

2. Look at license compliance.

Now that Santa is back on the North Pole it would be best not to get any more surprise visits, for instance from vendor auditing teams … Don’t wait to get an official letter to start looking at your licenses: you might discover an incompliancy that can be rectified with a creative architecture or you might even find you are overlicensed and you can lówer your support bill! Sometimes dreams do come true.

3. Eyes on the cloud.

2022 has a nice ring to it to become the year you move your database infrastructure to the cloud, no? If you’ve been around the Oracle ecosystem as long as we have, it might surprise you to hear that in most price comparisons we have done in the past year, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was … the cheapest option! Plus, it is technically tried and approved by our experts! Worth doing the math this year?

4. Take a holiday.

In Spain, or elsewhere. Let this be the year where you don’t save up your free days but spend them! And while you are away, you can arrange for our service desk team to be your back-up. Worry-free partying like it was 2019 … in 2022!

5. Extend your team … with us!

Worked too hard this past year? We hear you. Maybe it is time to sign a managed services contract with us so we can extend your team with time and expertise, SLAs and 24/7 stand-by, all made to measure for your needs. Special requests for nerdy jokes welcome.

6. Get with the times by upgrading.

This is the year to upgrade your database! Okay, true, we say this every year. But only because you don’t listen every year! For Oracle you should be on 19c or planning to move there in 2022. Yes, we can do this while you take care of resolution number 4.

7. One source of truth – whatever you call it.

Had enough of alternative facts? Time to build your one source of truth. Data warehouse, data platform, data lake, excel sheet, business intelligence or analytics? We have experts who know the difference.

8. Discover Open Source databases.

In 2020 Zebanza published a whitepaper on the use of Open Source databases in companies in Flanders and Brussels. At that time, 60% of the respondents was already running an Open Source DB. Not in that statistic yet? We believe Open Source DBs are ready to take on enterprise workloads in 2022. Possibly even yours.

9. Explore (the) Fieldside

As you may or may not know, Exitas and Zebanza are part of a cluster called Fieldside. What this means for you? You can work with the sales team you know through the contract you have and work with experts from our sister companies. Application development, integration architecture, automation, business intelligence, … Too many projects for one year? Don’t worry, we have project managers too!

10. Don’t forget to celebrate.

Whether you will do business as usual with us in 2022 or order all of the above – we promise to make time to celebrate with you. We wish you a wonderful, successful, healthy and warm 2022 and hope to see you soon!

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