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As an independent Belgian provider of ICT management services, we supply organizations with the technology, the people and the processes to build the ICT infrastructure they envision.
We design, implement and run solutions across the entire technology stack, from hardware and software projects up to customized all-in solutions. For the last 15 years, we have been the Belgian market leader for Oracle Databases and System Administration and continue to grow in both expertise as well as in solutions. Making our database consultants fit for any challenge. We continue to focus and specialize, enabling us to deliver projects with expertise and commitment.

What is your vision when it comes to the future of your ICT? Exitas can help you fulfill it.
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Oracle Cloud

Save up to


with Oracle Cloud

Have a safe trip to the Oracle Cloud. Profit from an environment that supports any workload. Manage and implement disaster recovery solutions easily. Set up backup environments. The Oracle Cloud provides the speed, simplicity and flexibility you need at a low cost.

Grow your branches to reach the cloud.


We are passionate about data and invest time and effort in staying up to date with the technology on the one hand and the needs of the real world businesses on the other hand. Over the past 20 years, we have expanded our DBA services as the beating heart of Exitas and added offerings depending on the needs of the market, such as Public and Private Cloud, Performance Tuning and License Advice.

Apart from expertise, we are also known for our high degree of flexibility and this shows in our offerings and related contracts. Our experience and our database consultants allow us to make to measure offers for your needs; whether you need a full-time in-house DBA or just a phone number to call in case of emergency and just about anything in between.

Have a closer look at our consultancy services.

DBA Services

An overview of our services, which can be adapted, combined or reinvented just for you.

Educational Services

You can learn how to manage a database yourself.

Managed Support Services

Have your environment monitored, administered and/or managed for you.

Performance Tuning

We specialize in Oracle Database performance and the many influencers around it that underlie poor performance.


We have a dedicated cloud task force to help you build future-proof solutions.

License Advice

Don’t wait to get audited, avoid unpleasant surprises by evaluating your compliancy proactively.

Open-Source Database Technologies

Exitas is not only specialized in Oracle. We know open-source databases, too!



Looking for a job to take your passion for Oracle database to the next level?

Belgium’s leading partner in Oracle database technology is hiring junior and senior DBA’s